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March 21, 2004

{     Infantile Clothing     }    

infantile.jpg Coincidently arriving nine months after being first conceived, there's a new clothing label available for the trendiest of trendy to be up on. But hold up cool kids, not just any hipster can snag these primo goods! Nope, not even the most hooked-up of the hooked! To get these threads you gotta first get your big hands on the newest hip accessory, a small, yet fashion-forward ankle-biter (currently available in either smiling or pouty). You heard me right, this here Infantile label makes their clothes just for the kiddies. They've enlisted some of the knownest of known names to design the first season of these kiddie tees, and yum-yum, do they look good. Among these designers are such wicked-fresh artists as Evan Hecox, Dave Kinsey, Tiffany Bozic, Jason Gnewikow, and Jeremy Fish, but my personal fave has got to be the bling-bling-offering from Maya Hayuk, pictured above. Just try and tell me your kid (or your lil' cousin, or your best friend's kneehigh) wouldn't look cute as a friggin' button wearing that shirt! Just try! You can't, so do the right thing today, kick Osh-Kosh to the curb and get that kid some style!

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The website is dead, I loved the t-shirts from Infantile clothing. Anyone knows if they have another site?

Posted by: El Chavo at January 23, 2007 10:46 AM
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