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March 5, 2004

{     KAZ's Smoking Cat     }    

That's right, all you toy collectors best put down your anime and recognize. Smoking Cat is in the ranks. If you're not one of the lucky bucks that gets to read the weekly comic 'Underworld' by a certain Kazimieras G. Prapuolenis, better known as simply Kaz, then you may not understand exactly why this is one of the coolest plastic figures to be made in recent years. That's okay I guess, but it also might mean that you suck. Note I use the word 'might', so I guess it's possible you might not. Either way, you should know that those fine, fine folks over at Critterbox (my fave toy company) have unleashed upon us all a rad vinyl figure made in the image of who else but Kaz's Smoking Cat. Now I don't have mine yet, so I can't explain exactly what it means, but the description says that this mofo comes with "unique simulated smoking action." What? Sold. I'll take two. And in addition to that, it has a chunk of plastic fake smoke (look at the picture!), a removable knife, is 7" tall, and has 5 points of articulation. SMOKING CAT's WARNING: Smoking will make you look cool while killing you.

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Posted by: pete at March 5, 2004 6:04 PM
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