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February 19, 2004

{     Electrelane "the power out"     }    

Electrelane, the all girl foursome from Brighton, England, has recently released their second full-length album titled the power out. On this new work, you'll hear at least four different languages, and an array of spacey, swirling, hauntingly beautiful melodies combined with a gritty rock style producing lush sounds that remain true and simple. Each song is quite different from the next. The quartet employs guitars, tweaky electronics, drums (though mostly snare), lots of keys and even some sax to create the follow-up to their debut Rock It To The Moon. From On Parade, a track not unlike old Cocteau Twins, to The Valleys, a dreamy a cappella choral arrangement, on to an instrumental piano lullaby full of whimsical arpeggios and broken scales titled You Make Me Weak At The Knees, this album will delight the senses. It's minimal, yet intricate- abrasive but calming. Produced by Steve Albini on Too Pure, the power out shouldn't have a problem captivating many of the listeners of the Stereolab or old 4AD genres and will most definitely pick up some new fans along the way. Contributed by: Stacy Broce

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You speak my language. Not the "21st Century American English" that we all speak, but a very specific and private language that talks to the part of me that loves the Cocteau Twins and old-school 4AD. It's a part of me that doesn't speak frequently and is rarely spoken to, but you manage to find the words. It makes me feel like I have friends I can call family, and it makes me feel "ten years ago" in the best way possible.

Posted by: Adam at February 20, 2004 6:01 PM

I'll gladly listen to any band whose review mentions back-when 4ad. Now let's have a Creation Records revival and I shall be forever young & giddy!

Posted by: sarah at February 20, 2004 8:16 PM


Posted by: melodrama at November 18, 2004 12:02 AM
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