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January 4, 2004

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Howdy folks, I think it is my civic duty to announce to you all that your friendly neighborhood Braveland Designs has just added a few goodies to the store. To your left you will find a slickitty slappity skate deck featuring a not-at-all-detailed drawing depicting the classic tale of the Reptilian versus the Surfer, which is, lucky for you, also one of the graphics on the two new t-shirts. The other shirt being the fearsome Super Croc. Watch that ass, dude eats boats. Oh, and lastly, but not at all cheaply, you will find a new one-button Werewolf Polo Shirt. Yeah, it's got the Braveland Werewolf right where the little gator should be, guess he ate the motherfucker. Honestly, if you pay the $56 for this shirt tho', well you're just fuckin' wack, but hey, what does my Kentucky ass know about fashion? Not a damn thing, I don't even wear shoes. I do know this though, the other t's they have are pretty dope, even if they are, like, so 2003.

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This kind of thing really begs the question- "How much can a polo shirt cost?"
I mean, it's not like the fucking thing is hand-woven out of semi-precious fibers. It's probably not even made in the US. And if some third-world-country-livin' eight year old is stitching together my shirt, I at least want to pay third-world prices.
What you're obviously paying for at Braveland is the "design" part of the fashion. I first looked into them when they were offering a poster of one of their new t-shirt designs. (I'm a bit on the fat side, so it takes a poster or hat to get me interested.) The poster was actually a limited edition print (hand-numbered, signed, etc.) and it cost less than the corresponding t-shirt. Whaddupwiddat?
I am thusly forced to beleive that these clothes are "art".
Will you look cool in them? Yes.
Will people admire them on your bod? Probably.
Will you have money left over to buy beer and drugs. Nope.
It looks like you have a tough choice ahead of you.

Posted by: Adam Barraclough at January 5, 2004 5:51 PM

Yes, and sadly I think I made mine a long time ago... I know I prop Threadless pretty often, but they haves tons of designs on avail, and unlike most others selling their 'limited edition' wares online, Threadless is cheap as dirt. I usually find myself torn when it comes to dropping $22 on a t-shirt, and honestly, I'd much rather order 2 of the attractiveTotem poster they offer and give one to a real 10-4 good buddy. But hey, there's plenty of shirts out there worth $30, and even though I wouldn't pay Braveland prices for Braveland t's, I'm sure someone thinks I'm just sounding like a bitch, loves them, and already ordered 3. Whatever, I'm just gonna stick to wearing my sweater made of electrical tape.

Posted by: Shane Bryant at January 5, 2004 7:08 PM

And yeah, if I drop near 60 bones on a polo shirt with a teeny embroidered monster on it, then you better be hanging my ass on a wall wearin' it.

Posted by: Shane Bryant at January 5, 2004 7:10 PM

In retrospect, some of these comments seem a bit harsh. I actually love all of the design work and I'm just jealous cuz nobody has love for the fat man in the designer clothing world. And since I'll be interviewing Dave from Braveland soon I'll have a chance to ask him directly about that, and about how not-inexpensive some of his products are.

Posted by: Adam at May 4, 2004 5:26 PM
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