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December 22, 2003

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i really like this magazine, and i'm not the kind of person who reads magazines all the time... in fact, i was totally against buying a girly magazine until my boyfriend picked up a copy in the local grocery one day... i laughed and made comments all the way home but decided to take a peak so i could possibly entertain myself even more with what he might be reading about... but instead of quickly glancing over a couple of articles, i found myself immersed in every single page... sure, it's got the typical interview with a celebrity column every issue asking them who they'd like to make out with right now, but the celebrity is usually someone really cool like google(jennifer tilly) or google(cillian murphy).... and every issue they get people like kevin smith to answer stupid questions from readers like december's "my first kiss with this guy was awful. do i give him another chance?" probably the most surprising thing i've learned from "jane" is that pamela anderson is actually pretty cool... she writes a column for every issue and it's always interesting and she's a big animal rights activist which is great to me... the lucky journalist from "jane" who was scheduled to interview the brutish "pink" wanted to beat her up... what can i say??? that's awesome... and while there are various ads for make-up and tricks for making your lips more kissable, every issue also includes a make-under... some poor guy or gal is stripped of their make-up and hairspray or their business look, and given a more natural one... pretty neato... $3.50 well spent.... Contributed by: Stacy Broce

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Hi, Boyfriend here, and I'd just like to say "Word" to this review. Every issue of Jane is worth twice the cheapass price you pay, and a subscription is under a tenner! The articles are hilarious, the style is on point, and maybe I wouldn't be such a good kisser were it not for Jane, eh? There's nothing wrong with taking a pointer or two when you can get 'em ;) And guys, listen, that Maxim shit is funny, but having an issue just makes you look like an A+ boner. Stick to reading it in the grocery line.

Posted by: Shane Bryant at December 23, 2003 12:09 AM

I've managed to finangle a free subscription to such varied women's magazines as "Seventeen", "Cosmopolitan" and "Ladies Home Journal", and though I've found their insight on the feminine perspective interesting, they lack anything beyond a very mainstream take on the issues confronting today's modern woman.
"Jane" is one of a handful of women's magazines that are worth paying money for. (I would also include "Bust") Mostly because you know you're not getting the mall-friendly versions of style and romance that the other mags are serving up. And say you want to buy your special lady-friend something nice for her birthday- since I know she's not a fashion zombie and you can't just hit the Old Navy for some sorority-gear you might need a little help. "Jane" can hook you up.
Plus, this one time, they had these totally cool Japanese stickers included in the magazine and a whole article on cute and wacky Japanese mascot stationery. I was sold.

Posted by: Adam Barraclough at December 30, 2003 11:07 PM
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