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October 12, 2003

{     kill bill: vol. 1     }    

so gsb and myself went to see tarantino's new one this past friday evening... while gsb was in sheer ecstasy throughout the entire flick, i personally have somewhat of a different opinion... now, i'm sure most of you kids are tarantino fans and rightfully so... there's no arguing that the man is a creative genius- a very odd, annoyingly obnoxious genius- but a genius nonetheless...

i'm also not the tarantino fan that most people are, but i do believe that "jackie brown" is a fine masterpiece of a film...

"kill bill" on the other hand, while definitely a beautifully made film, did not have the story it needed for me to give it my own two thumbs up... i'll give it one of my thumbs for the 450 gallons of blood used to make the movie... ...and for tarantino's signature quirky humor AND certainly for the 15 minutes or so of gorgeous japanese animation used to tell the story of lucy liu's character... but the show was still lacking in story content... a classic tale of revenge told in a super stylish manner, and while the format was certainly original (well, not original for a quentin tarantino flick, but maybe for any other director), the story was not.... BUT-

if you want to see a whole bunch of blood and amputated body parts and a good solid hour of chicks with swords, check it out...

it WAS thoroughly entertaining and true tarantino fans unlike myself will be mesmerized... Contributed by: Stacy Broce

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There are no words for how gory this movie is. I mean, motherfucker had to make scenes black and white to edge it past thoe ratings bastards. I mean, there were at least 15 people in the movie that got a foot cut off. Specifically. That's one body part. Don't make me talk about heads, arms, etc. And before you think that's all it is, well, that is all it is, but at least it is done so so so beautifully. So stylized, and not MTV stylized, but just crisp and well-done. You just gotta hope that part 2 will help with the story a little more.... But I totally recommend part 1.

Posted by: Shane Bryant at October 12, 2003 7:12 PM

This movie was so good that I urinated in my popcorn container so I wouldn't miss anything important.

And whats up with "Aint it cool News" posting there is an epilogue after the credits. The epilogue has since been spliced in with the movie, so don't wait around like a jacka$$ like I did.
The epilogue tells you about the Bride being a baby mamma.

Posted by: Zorba the Greek at October 17, 2003 9:07 PM
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