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October 12, 2003

{     Ghettopoly Board Game     }    

Ghettopoly is a stolen property fencing board game, sending you and your homies 'round the ghetto buying stolen property and making cash. Your "Playa Piece" could be a 40oz, an uzi, a rock of crack, etc, and you pull cards like "Go directly to Ling Ling’s Massage Parlour for some head. Steal $$$ if you pass Let$ Roll."

From the game description: "If a playa owns all the stolen property in da same color pattern, da playa can buy crack houses from da Loan Shark and set ‘em up on da property. If da playa has four crack houses on each of the stolen properties of da same color pattern, he can buy projects from da Loan Shark." You roll around Harlem, Hells Kitchen and The Bronx, going to places like Smitty’s XXX Peep Show and Ray Ray’s Chicken and Ribs, all just trying to make some chingy some you can buy some blingy, know what I'm sayin'? Fuck yeah you do.

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I saw a Texas Longhorns Monopoly today in Borders as we bought the film Matrix II:Total Confusion on dvd. There needs to be a Tori Amosopoly and I'll quit life and live in Peru with a shaman and a healthy dose of the "yage".

Reverse petrification is a forest fires wet dream.

Posted by: Blotch Conley at October 18, 2003 12:38 AM
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