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September 20, 2003

{     iron and wine "the creek drank the cradle"     }    

so this is what i've been listening to more than anything else these days... i'm not going to ramble on with a long review, you can go here if you'd like more detailed opinions... i don't know why, but "the creek drank the cradle" has really struck a nerve, more so than any other album i've heard this year... and i mean that in the best possible way... sam beam, the one man band from florida. through this album, sends so many emotions flowing through you that you kind of get lost in which one your experiencing at what time... well that might not make any sense- so let me try to shed some light... there are times when i want to laugh, there are times i want to cheer, there are times i want to cry... but most often i think- his music makes me want to go sit somewhere by myself near a lake and whittle some wood into little animals....

again, i'm not going to detail the music here, i'll just say that it's a guy (think i read he was a film teacher at a university) with a voice, a guitar, a banjo, a mandolin maybe and some other goodies that whispers the most beautiful harmonies from your car stereo, ipod, living room, computer in the bedroom while sleeping... oh wait, that's me... but after checking iron and wine out, it'll probably be you too...the best way i can describe how the music makes me feel.... hmmmm..... i'd say that when i listen, i'm very confused as to whether i'm delightfully sad or somberly happy... so there, give it a go... i don't see how you could be disappointed... Contributed by: Stacy Broce

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Ah, so true, so true. A better album hasn't been released in ages. And I'm not just agreeing with you because you sleep with me.

Posted by: Shane Bryant at September 22, 2003 2:21 PM
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