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September 15, 2003

{     Art Prostitute Magazine     }    

You know what just completely sucks about Art Prostitute Magazine? I mean really just pisses me off? I heard it was sooooo good and so I went ahead and ordered issues 1 & 2 as a combo. Now I've got them and I really am so pissed. Why? Because the third issue wasn't out before I placed my order. Ha, ha, right? Well, whatever, here's the deal: I got them today and they really are absolutely incredible. The highest quality paper, every page full color, and each packaged in a custom slipcover containing the mag and some bonus foldout posters by the likes of Even Hecox, Jeff Soto, Giant, and others. The writing is great, the layout smooth and fresh, and the topics are all choice. The phrase "All killer, no filler" comes to mind. You know what? The little bitches even smell good. Oh, and one last thing, the t-shirt is dope too.

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art prostitute is a great mag but,they need to stop having repeated articles on david choe. once was enough and besides he has no skills.go back to la where you came from.

Posted by: mike silva at June 10, 2004 4:10 PM

Ah, talking shit. So easy. You know what's hard? Talking shit so poorly. And in that case, good job...

I do agree on the repeat articles point, unless he's got new inks to show, then it's fine. Otherwise you're just collecting names.

As far as your saying Choe has no skills, that is what I hate about the internet. If you were in front of his face, you'd keep your bitch mouth shut, but here in HTML, your weak ass gets to talk shit without the risk of getting challenged. Let's see your skills... Where's the URL? Where's your dollars? Where's your... anything???

Posted by: Shane Bryant at June 10, 2004 5:12 PM

I was collecting all of our press, for our 2005 media kit, and I came across this gem. As for the repeat articles. The first time he appeared in our pages, was a spread that was mainly about his book and our experience with him, which was my motivation to do the feature. The next time he was in it, was 2 issues later, the full packed feature with a print. It basically comes down to this, you meet people along the way, you want to do more with them but your page count doesn't permit, so you do what you can and then you work them in later on down the road. It's not like we're Juxtapoz, with a Mark Ryden interview every other don't trip.

As for current events, since these posts are a bit old, wait till you see issue 5. Took a bit to come out, due to our gallery launch...but the shit is going to make you cry! Pre-sale will be going by the time you read this so get on it. Thanks to all who have supported us. Lots of love for you deep in the heart of Texas.

Posted by: Brian at November 29, 2004 2:17 AM
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